Lagoon Authority gives green light for study of traffic bottlenecks in Cole Bay and Simpson Bay

The Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority (SLAC) has contracted GMB Engineers and Planners Inc. and CH2M Hill to carry out a traffic survey of the Cole Bay and Simpson Bay areas with respect to the current traffic bottlenecks that would be experienced during the latter part of the day what one would term rush hour traffic from 4.00pm to 5.30pm during week days.

On Monday officials from GMB commenced with their study with the placement of tubes on several key roads in Cole Bay and Simpson Bay. The turning movement counts will be collected using video. Traffic engineers will use all data collected to evaluate traffic and prepare a report.

As part of the agreement with respect to the development of the Causeway project, any traffic bottlenecks that would continue would be looked into and a solution found in order to facilitate the free flow of motorized traffic. Adjustments to the Union Road were also part of the Causeway project. This would also benefit the economy with respect to delivery trucks being able to reach their delivery point unhindered by traffic congestion and resulting in a savings for the company in fuel costs and in the long-term for consumers.

A preliminary report will be ready in six weeks and the final report a month later. The Lagoon Authority is looking forward to receiving the recommendations with respect to the bottlenecks and then discussing further with stakeholders on their implementation.

It is essential that residents and visitors have a traffic congestion free experience when driving from one area to the next. Visitors come to the island to enjoy what the destination has to offer and don’t want to be sitting in traffic un-necessarily.

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