Civil registry department staff undergoes training

BOBZ (Basic Administration Studies on the Civil Registry) and MLOBZ (In-depth Studies on the Civil Registry).

Both courses are being given by Albert Schut and Ger Lutter two experts from Sensor Bestuur of the Netherlands.

They are preparing the staff for the exams that were developed and will be given by the NVVB (The Netherlands Organization of Civil Registries). These exams were custom made according to the laws of Sint Maarten, but are on the same level of that of what is taken in the Netherlands.

Once successfully taken the staff of the Civil Registry Department will have a diploma that has value, this differs significantly from a certificate of attendance. Having the staff take part in these studies has been one of the goals of the management of the department.

The former Netherlands Antilles and as an extension Sint Maarten has always been at a disadvantage because the necessary tools for the staff of the Civil Registry were non-existent.

The Civil Registry of Sint Maarten was faced with staff that lacked in-depth knowledge on the work/tasks and responsibilities of the Civil Registry and the qualifications to execute the tasks involved.

This was quite a major disadvantage when comparing to the colleagues in the Netherlands who have the opportunities to take job related courses that will give them a diploma instead of a certificate.

The Management of the Civil Registry department is proud to finally have this available and this was made possible through the funding of USONA.