June 11th Deadline to get on the Voters Registration list.
As Country St Maarten prepares for the 2014 Parliamentary election, the DP would like to encourage all Dutch Nationality citizens and residents of St Maarten to participate as robustly as possible in the upcoming elections. Democracies function best when its citizens participate fully in the electoral process.
So besides ensuring that citizens are well informed on issues, knowledgeable about the different party platforms and candidates, it is critical that eligible voters make sure they are properly registered to vote. The voter’s registration list will close on June 11, 2014. After that date, potential voters will need to go to court to get added to the voter’s registration.
The DP recommends that all citizens that intend to participate in the upcoming elections verify that indeed they are registered at the Census office on the Soualiga Road on Pond Island, or at the Simpson Bay Public Service Center located on the premises of the Simpson Bay Fish Market. Important is also to verify that their correct address is taken up in the registry to ensure that their voter card arrives in time.
Again, in order for citizens to verify that they are properly registered to vote, the DP suggests that voters contact the civil registry office in one of the following ways.
*By telephone: 1(721)- 542-2457
* By visiting the Census Office in Philipsburg (Pond Island),
* By visiting the Public Service Center on the second floor of the Simpson Bay Fish Market.
The DP will request the Minister of General Affairs to allow for dedicated service windows, as well as extended hours of operations for the two Government Census Office locations, solely for the purpose of registering prospective voters in time for the June 11th, 2014 deadline.

June 11th is right around the corner, so act now! YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

Let’s get it RIGHT, St. Maarten!