B&L Worldwide President Baptiste Meets with COM on Expanding Hub Function of Aviation Sector

On Tuesday, May 27th, Craig Baptiste, the President / Chairman of B&L Worldwide attended a meeting with the Council of Ministers. Baptiste was requested to provide elucidation on the project proposals previously received by the Government in writing.
Baptiste has trained at the United States Air Force Academy and Embry Riddel Aeronautical University. He has extensive experience as an airline captain and he has been active in the aviation industry for many years in different capacities. In addition, he has been involved as an entrepreneur in different areas like real estate, food manufacturing and government contracting.
The B&L Worldwide project is currently known as ‘Project Majestic’ and its objective is to increase the hub function of St. Maarten in the aviation industry. The realization of the project would create job opportunities on the island. According to Baptiste the project can be financed by investors and will not require financial assistance from the Government.
The Council of Ministers appreciated Baptiste’s presentation. The course of action, due to the technical level of discussion, is for B&L Worldwide to continue discussions with the necessary stakeholders, among which Princess Juliana International Airport. Depending on the results of these meetings discussions with B&L Worldwide will be continued.