Third Workgroup evaluation Caribbean Netherlands

On Thursday May 29th the third meeting of the workgroup evaluation Caribbean Netherlands took place on St. Eustatius under the chairmanship of Commissioner Reginald Zaandam. Present were the Commissioners of Constitutional Affairs and island Secretaries on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba and a delegation of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations.
The workgroup Evaluation Caribbean Netherlands has concluded the discussion about the content on the evaluation on the basis of the information from the Council of State. Council of State recommends evaluating three methods, namely legislation, administrative organization and the effects of the transition on the population. On the basis of the discussion a concept evaluation assignment was discussed. The Workgroup also discussed the way in which to further give shape to the communication abou the evaluation to the population. The islands have requested, besides the evaluation mandate, to agree on a declaration of intent wherein statements are included about the follow-up after the completion of the evaluation.
The final evaluation assignment will be discussed during the meeting of the workgroup on June 14 in The Hague and will then be officially signed during the Administrative Consultation Financial Relations by the Executive Councils and the Minister of Home Affairs & Kingdom Relations. The evaluation assignment will then be sent to Parliament and the Island Councils for their information. During the Administrative Consultation the possibility of setting up an independent evaluation committee will also be decided.