Decision GFS

Behalf G.F.S. is based on the provisions of Article 91 of the Code of Criminal Procedure ( hereinafter Sv ) , was once again made a request for his immediate release . It is a third request under Article 91 Sv. Scope of this last request was that the magistrate as soon as possible has not decided on the first request under Article 91 Sv. It was further alleged that the magistrate a few days after the arraignment , which took place on Thursday, May 22, 2014 has taken on the legality of the detention of GFS . Decision until
May 27, 2014 , the hearing took place in the last request submitted under Article 91 Sv. The judge has considered with respect to the latter claim, which has already twice been decided that there were no grounds for GFS to immediately and unconditionally , and that the grounds that the request put forward today , do not give rise to GFS without delay. freedom
At the time of treatment this afternoon , is ( apart from the request under Article 91 Sv) , the question about the progress of the research were discussed . By the Public Prosecutor stated that in recent days include witnesses have been heard in Italy , Curaçao and Sint Maarten , a search conducted in Italy and that should be heard in the coming days, several witnesses and thereby collusion risk (risk that the accused may influence witnesses ) exists . G.F.S. has pledged to continue to be available for police interviews .
Without ignoring the seriousness of the allegations , the magistrate held that in view of what has been put in relation to the progress of the investigation , the detailed contents of the file and now GFS forward would not know who the witnesses are to be heard (and thus the supposed collusion danger not obvious ) , the continued detention is no longer reasonably necessary .

In this context is also noted by the magistrate that if GFS the promised cooperation regarding the interrogation fails , the Prosecution custody of GFS can progress .
G.F.S. remains suspect and the criminal investigation is continuing. Ultimately, a court hearing will examine the case and make a decision on the matter .