Minister Lake instructs Ministry VROMI to Give Top Priority for Mental Health Foundation Building Permit Request

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake on Wednesday hit the ground running when he visited the location for the country’s new Mental Health Guided Living Facility that will be constructed in Madame Estate near the St. Maarten Zoo.
The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) will within short submit its request for a building permit.
A drainage trench that runs across the property that was provided for the new facility will be relocated.
“Everything is being done on my end to facilitate the construction of a national mental health guided living facility that can house those who suffer from mental illness and at the same time offer the best care possible. As a country we have to provide the necessary facilities to take care of our people who suffer from different things.
“This is not about politics; it’s about taking care of our people and doing what’s right when it comes to continuing to improve the quality of life and care of our people. Those who have challenges, as a society we also have a responsibility to take care of them.
“My main objective is about getting things done, and that is what my back to basics approach is all about. When I built my house, I did it step by step. You have to start somewhere and the Mental Health Foundation has my full support in getting things moving upward block by block.
“I once again appeal to the business community to assist the Mental Health Foundation in their efforts. This is a facility to serve all the people, because you never know when you, a love one or a friend may become mentally ill and would have to be treated. We have to focus on the forest instead of the trees,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Wednesday.
Minister Lake added he was moved when a senior citizen came to him with tears in her eyes about her mentally ill son. “The lady told me that she is not able to take care of him because of her age and the MHF is not able to keep him at their facility over a long-term period. The lady said she is very stressed and requested help.
“I can understand her situation and there are probably 10 or 20 more like her who are in a similar situation. I will do what is necessary from my end as Minister of VROMI,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake pointed out on Wednesday.