UP says NA & Former Minister of Energy Affairs Marlin had 12 months to bring relief to seniors

The UP Party Board says former Minister of Energy Affairs William Marlin had 12 months, one year to bring relief to the senior citizens of Sint Maarten, and relief for all residents with respect to their GEBE utility bills during the National Alliance (NA) led Government from May 2012 to June 2013, and absolutely nothing was done.


The NA calls the relief for seniors a political statement, but call it what you will, the UP Minister for Energy Affairs Hon. Maurice Lake delivered, he got the job done that William Marlin and the NA couldn’t do and failed to do.

Minister Lake collaborated with the NV GEBE Supervisory Board, Management and Raymond Jessurun from the St. Maarten Seniors and Pensioners Association in this effort.

Yes, the details have to be worked out, but procedures have to be followed and seniors will get their relief in their utility bills. The UP Team is all about getting things done for the people of the country in order to improve the quality of life for all.

Dealing with the issues at hand and the business of the people, even if it is election season or an election year, governing continues, it doesn’t stop, and the NA can call it what it wishes, but working in the interests of the people and dealing with their concerns and getting the job done is what TEAM UP is all about and has to offer the people of the country.

UP Minister of Energy Affairs Hon. Maurice Lake also brought home NV GEBE to the people of the country, making the company 100 per cent Sint Maarten owned. Again, under the NA led Government and former Minister Marlin, absolutely nothing was done, nothing was accomplished, and bringing home NV GEBE took Minister Lake just six months.

The UP for the past nine months has provided long lasting and meaningful leadership, and has accomplished a lot within its short period in supporting the current coalition government. The aforementioned accomplishments are not announcements without any concrete action behind them as indicated by the NA last week, but are an UP reality.

William Marlin in his press conference last week said he as Minister had requested NV GEBE to restructure their tariffs and that "relief can be implemented in a day and everyone who needs to benefit, would benefit." Well, the NA had 12 months or 365 days, and when UP took the reins to lead last June 2013, there was no NA relief in sight up until now. The UP record speaks for itself!