SER meets with the Minister of Economic Affairs

On Thursday, March 27th 2014 a Social Economic Council (SER) delegation met with the Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport & Telecommunication, the honourable Ted Richardson and his Senior Economic Advisor, Drs. Ramsy Dennaoui. The visit of the Minister to the SER, served mainly to present the advisory body with a preview of the anticipated Economic Road map for Sint Maarten.


The Minister presented his views and stressed the importance of achieving a fairer and more balanced economy, in this way, he expressed his opinions on the high cost of doing business and his dedication to execute various policies, in order to create a sustainable economy and enhance the quality of life on our island. The Minister pointed out that Sint Maarten has all the right ingredients to succeed, however there needs to be a collective effort from the civil service in the execution of economic policies.

Drs. Ramsy Dennaoui expounded on the importance of having an Economic Road map in place, and stressed the sense of urgency if Sint Maarten intends to remain a top tourist destination in the North Eastern Caribbean.

The Chairman of the SER pointed out that economic development will create a stable political, social and economic environment. He expressed the need to look at areas of possible economic transformation, such a vision would be by starting to improve the quality of life of the people of Sint Maarten.

In conclusion the Minister provided the SER with an update on, the Sint Maarten Tourism Authority (STA), Tourism Statistical Information System (TSIS), Bureau of Intellectual Properties, Bureau of Telecommunications, Competition Authority, and the proposed Consumer Protection agency.

In the meeting with the Minister of Economic Affairs and his advisor, the SER was represented by Chairman Arthur Bute, substitute board member Drs. Linda Richardson and Secretary-general Gerard Richardson.


In the picture l to r: substitute board member Drs. Linda Richardson, Honorable Minister Ted Richardson, Chairman Arthur Bute, Senior Economic Advisor to the Minister, Drs. Ramsy Dennaoui and SER Secretary-general Gerard Richardson.