Medium To High Potential For Tilapia Die Off In Great Salt Pond

Based on ongoing dry and hot weather the island has been experiencing and based on water quality sampling conducted by the St. Maarten Nature Foundation it has been decided to issue an alert concerning the medium to high potential for a Tilapia fish die off in the Great Salt Pond.

The Nature Foundation has tested the water quality in the Great Salt Pond and has measured a decrease in oxygen levels and an increase in salinity due to the ongoing weather conditions. These factors coupled with the large amount of introduced and invasive tilapia in the Great Salt Pond have made conditions favorable for a tilapia die-off event.

The Nature Foundation has sent its recommendations to the necessary governmental departments and will continue to monitor the situation as it develops. As of Friday, March 28th there have been no dead or dying tilapia recorded.

The Nature Foundation will issue updates as the situation develops