Prime Minister Establishes & Holds Introductory Meeting with NDP Steering Committee

Urges Community to Participate in National Development Plan: "This is about the Development of your country"

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams introduced the NDP Steering Committee at the AC Wathey Legislative Hall on Tuesday.


The Prime Minister welcomed the participants and thanked them for attending the introductory meeting: "Welcome and thanks for accepting the invitation for the first meeting for the National Development Plan. I want to thank you for accepting the invitation to be part of the steering group. I know that I am sure that you will recognize that for the discussions and decisions which would eventually have to take place regarding the National development Plan the steering Committee is one of the most important parts before the plan and the recommendations which are gathered throughout the country are brought before the political establishments; the Council of Ministers and Parliament. A lot is being placed on your shoulders when it comes to that point of looking at the National development Plan, seeing what all the community has given to be included in that plan and to make sure that it comes to the Council of Ministers and then to the Parliament of St. Maarten. I want to reiterate our appreciation to accept the position and I look forward to working together in building the country," commented Prime Minister Wescot-Williams.

The steering committee is comprised of a public private partnership with members representing Labor Unions, NGO’s, and Civil Society Organizations representing the Environment, Economy and Culture. Representatives from Youth Parliament will also be represented on the Steering Committee. The NDP will seek to develop ST. Maarten along the lines of Sustainable Development through a participatory approach incorporating the vision of all twenty neighborhoods of St. Maarten.

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams has said earlier that she will be counting on the population for their input and participation in implementing the plan: "We will be putting considerable focus on the National Development Plan. In order to launch and implement the NDP we will need the involvement of all, of each and every St. Maartener whether you were born here or whether you belong here, to craft a vision for St. Maarten. We need the input from all to be able to implement the vision which we have in making this island one of the leaders of sound democratic and people oriented governance in the region. We need the input from all sectors of society to plot the course for our economic, social, cultural and environmental development. The development for a Country which we call home, one which we all should love and cherish."

On Thursday the NDP Identity Project will be launched and the members of the steering committee will be introduced.