Civil registry department staff practices fire drill

Head of the Civil Registry Department Leona Romeo-Marlin announced on Friday that her staff recently participated in a fire safety drill after completing fire safety training.

Eight staff members received their certification as emergency response officers, namely Rosemary Lejuez, Kathy Snijders, Willem van Asselt, Keishann Huggins, Christina Marlin, Miranda Seabrookes and Shamira Ortega-Ras.


Four employees received in addition certification in AED/CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) from WIEMS, namely Ebony James, Anna Marlin, Keishann Huggins and Monique Hughes.

Management is of the opinion that fire drills are a necessity in all offices, adding that they are more than just for fires.

It is important for each employee to know and have an evacuation plan for their building in case there is an earthquake, or any other emergency situation that can occur in the building.

Employees need to be able to quickly exit the building and know who the emergency response officers are and where is the designated meeting area.

It is essential that they are familiar with the processes to avoid panicking in an emergency, Department Head Leona Romeo-Marlin explained.

The CPR training is also an essential training that management thought would be an asset to have for the department. Having four staff trained means should a cardiac arrest occur in the building where many customers visit during the workweek, staff can immediately assist until the ambulance arrives. With the skills taught the survival chances are much greater, Head of the Civil Registry Department Leona Romeo-Marlin said on Friday.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Staff from the Civil Registry Department along with others during the fire training drill.