Minister DeWeever’s Statement On Employment Permits

As Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, the authority to issue Employment Permits rests with my person. I take note of Mr. Thompson’s statements in the media, and am again saddened by his choice to bring non-factual matters to the forefront.

In order to get this matter rectified, I am publicly requesting Mr. Thompson to provide the Council of Ministers with a copy of said agreement to which he is referring to , made between this Government and the Sonesta Group of Companies, as it regards the so-called ‘ exchange program between Sandals Resorts in Jamaica and Maho/ Great Bay’.


This Ministry is not only responsible to issue Employment permits , but is also responsible for the full compliance through the auspices of the Inspectorate.

Mr. Thompson also refers to the lack of training for persons on the Labor Market- and I must therefore also note, that this Ministry has spent thousands of guilders , payable to CIFSEF, for the training of unemployed persons. We commend Mr. Thompson for his work with CIFSEF, and continue to encourage him to partner with other educational institutes to boost the quality of training being offered at CIFSEF as well.

I believe in transparency and in principles of good governance – questions should be asked , and answers should be readily provided. However, one should not ask questions tainted with misperceptions garnered from personal experiences.

My Ministry has made it a mission to provide protection for all persons, in all categories , within all segments of our society. And we hold dearly the role each party needs to play in maintaining the balance , ensuring that well-being is sustained for all.

In this breath, I would like to present the ‘ Rights and Responsibilities’ for Employees / Laborers. As a Country we recognize the need to address our Rights , ensuring that they are duly protected, but we must also recognize our Responsibilities – and in this respect to our employers.