Major Research Finding from Elderly Research Report Prt. 2

Last week the first article from a series of articles was released regarding the major research findings from the Elderly Research report carried out by the Social Development Department. Today the research findings pertaining to "Which services are currently being provided to the elderly and what is lacking?" are presented.


"As a responsible government we need to synchronize the efforts of the organizations because we understand the lack of human as well as financial resources available", said Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour, Cornelius de Weever. He further explains that the findings from this aspect of the report will be used to guide Governments efforts to improve the services currently being offered and explore opportunities for including the services that are currently lacking.

Presently, there are 25 organizations that provide services to the elderly of which 9 provide services specifically to the elderly. The following findings are based on interviews with representatives from the 25 organizations well as input from the 366 participants.

Provided Services

The various services available to the elderly include:

· Nursing Home & Nursing care at home

· Emergency services

· Social and recreational activities

· Social housing

· Union services

· Church services

· Community Assistant through Councils and Help Desks

· Home visits and excursions

· Transportation

· Food supply


Improvements to be made

· Increase the amount of pension being received.

· Special lines or better attention by the different service providers (church, commercial, medical)

· Increase in the amount of social workers and/or volunteers with special training to help elderly

· Expand existing services to accommodate the needs of the elderly. This includes community centers, churches services, medical services and commercial services.

· Improve accessibility of buildings in the sense of adjustments for elderly (elevators, ramps, special bathrooms and senior booths) needs to be addressed.

· Bring the services and activities more into the neighborhoods. By doing so the accessibility is better and the services and activities can be more tailor-made to the social needs in that specific neighborhood.

· Assistance when it comes to applying for financial and medical aid from Government

· Increase communication about their services, opening hours and locations are mentioned.

· Strengthen the capacity of institutions such as the Mental Health Foundation and the White & Yellow Cross Care Foundation

· Strengthen Community councils and centers to have more special activities for the elderly.

Lacking Services

Recommendations were made to provide the following services:

· Financial Assistance: Have special rates/discount for elderly, particularly at grocery stores and GEBE.

· Commercial and medical home services e.g. collect payments for bills at home, family doctor or laboratory staff do home visits, at home delivery of medication, etc.

· Home Care Services: Helping in and around the house such as cleaning, cooking, company etc.

· Recreational services in the area of social activities, sports, arts and craft

· Educational programs such as health, computer, and reading

· Improved transportation system. These can be specific to have transportation to pay bills, to go to GEBE, UTS, Telem, Government and Banks, to go to medical services or into town/grocery shopping. Other participants want bus services in their area, or bus stops closer to their home, special services for elderly in the bus or special fares.

· Work possibilities for the elderly

Overall, a limited amount of the elderly indicated that the services could be improved. Most were satisfied with the quality of services currently being provided, but expressed the need for other services which are lacking. Stay tuned for part 3 and 4 to come, which will provide details on which organizations are involved in providing services for the elderly and are they equipped for the ageing population?" as well as what is Government currently doing in 2014 to cater to the needs of the elderly.