UP Leader Theo Heyliger presents official party documents to the Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Leader of the United People’s (UP) Party on Monday presented official party documentation to the Chamber of Commerce & Industry as part of the process to register the party’s participation in the 2014 parliamentary elections.


According to article 6, section 1, the UP Party has been established in the interests of the population of Sint Maarten and when required, in the interests of the islands of the Caribbean; section 2 says, the party’s primary objectives are the development and well-being of Sint Maarten which shall be achieved by the party partaking in elections for public office in compliance with the rules and obligations as stipulated in the National Ordinance of Registration and Finances of Political Parties.

The UP Party shall achieve its objectives by all legal means and, in particular through taking part in any elections for all legislative bodies on Sint Maarten.

The membership of the party consists of party members, honorary members and supporters.

The management and direction of the UP Party is determined by the Governing Board which is elected by during the Party Congress. The Executive Committee consists of a President, a Secretary General and a Treasurer, who are appointed by the Governing Board. The UP Party can also establish advisory councils. The Party Council shall consist of active party members in good standing. The other primary positions of the party are Party Leader and Party Congress.

The UP Party 2014 Congress is set for Sunday, March 23 at the Celebration Palace. The Congress kicks off at 1.00pm and all supporters are invited to attend.

Photo cutline: Left to right, Joe Richardson, Theodore Heyliger, Leader of the UP Party and Franklin Meyers, presented on Monday the official notarized documents of the party to a representative of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry.