STAT issues an update regarding 2011 Population Census results.

The Department of Statistics (STAT), informs the general public that although the main results of the 2011 Population census have been finalised, these results will not be made available until the population figure is corroborated.


STAT recollects that an enormous effort went into the Population census data-collection, processing & analysis of this data and drafting of the main report. This was achieved in part by its small in-house staff as well as through the services of freelance interviewing staff and other contracted third-parties.

Notable, is the population figure in particular (which is based on a count of persons either residing or intending to reside on St. Maarten for at least 1 year) from the population census when compared to the number of registered persons at the Civil Registry Department (CRD), shows a considerable difference of some 21, 000 fewer persons.

Although a gap between the resident and registered population on St. Maarten is neither a new nor unique phenomenon, the current gap between both figures is large and should be further examined.

As a result, both STAT and CRD are working in closer cooperation, to validate each departments’ population figure, minimise this and future gaps and dispel all uncertainties surrounding the official population-size of St. Maarten.

From the Department of Statistics’ perspective, plans are in place to conduct a ‘household listing’ exercise from mid-January to end of March 2014. This seeks to provide an up-to-date count of the number of households and persons within households by collecting only basic data from each household on their numbers, sex, age, country of birth, nationality and address verification. International observers will be on-island during these months, to observe and objectively report on the enumeration process of this initiative. This in an effort for STAT to highlight its transparent way of working and consistency with international standards.

At the same token, the Civil Registry Department will intensify several on-going measures to update its population registry, with for example correct address information of persons and ensuring that their registry is not overstated with persons who have emigrated.

In the coming weeks, additional information will be disclosed to the public concerning the steps being taken by both departments.

STAT acknowledges its many stakeholders who contact the department on a daily basis, with requests for census information. We therefore ask for everyone’s understanding and patience, as we work for the good of the country in being able to present a sound population number.


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