St.Martin Pony League Basketball Selected Players Doing Good With FFBSC In Florida

The final pick of St.Martin Baseball players that was selected by the St. Martin Pony League left last Thursday for Tampa Florida. In Tampa they will joined the rest of the French Baseball Selection and played on Saturday against Clearwater College while on Sunday they played Hillsboro College.  

The First game was won 21 – 3 while the second game they won 9-8. In both games the St. Martin players played good baseball and was the contributing factor for the French victory. Rene Leveret, Felix Brown and Antonio Feliz were among the strong batters for the French Team.

The French Team is under the management of Eric Gagne and Boris Rothermondt. Jonathan Ministri and Miguel Hanson of St. Martin were on the mound in game one and pitched very well. Following these games there will be a pick for the players that will be traveling with France and will be playing in the 2014 European Championship Games and the next World Baseball Classic.

The St. Martin players that traveled to Tampa are; Rene Leveret, Felix Brown, Feliz Antonio, Brenedy Tejada, David van Heyningen, Jonathan Ministrie and Miguel Hanson. The possibility still is open to any player with a French Pasport, good quality of game and of good conduct. The St. Martin Players are expected back on St.Martin on October 11, 2013 After the games it is the intention for the St. Martin Pony League and FFBSC to finalize their affiliation talks.