Preparations underway to observe Constitution Day, 10 October;

Keynote Speaker to be Aruba’s first Prime Minister Henny Eman

Preparations are well underway to celebrate the third anniversary of Sint Maarten achieving country status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


A solemn session of the House will be held to commemorate the anniversary which starts at 10.00am on Thursday. The entire session of the house can be followed on radio, TV and via the internet.

Keynote speaker on Constitution Day, 10 October at the House of Parliament will be Aruba’s first Prime Minister Hon. Jan Hendrik Albert "Henny" Eman.

Henny Eman was born March 20, 1948 and was Aruba’s first Prime Minister from 1 January, 1986 to 9 February 1989 (a little over three years) and again from 29 July, 1994 to 30 October 2001 (over seven years).

His grandfather also known as Henny founded the Christian Democratic Party known as the Aruban People’s Party (AVP). His father, Albert Eman, better known as Shon A. Eman, dedicated his life to Aruba’s quest for a separate status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Henny Eman grew up in a political environment. At an early age he went to Holland where he completed his studies. In 1978 he obtained his law degree based on the thesis dealing with Aruba’s historical and judicial aspects of separate status.

Eman will present his experiences with respect to Aruba achieving its separate status when he addresses the House of Parliament in a solemn session.

The public are asked to tune in to hear the keynote address on Constitution Day along with other activities planned during the House solemn session.

The parliamentary session will be carried live on St. Maarten Cable TV Channel 120, via Pearl Radio FM 98.1, the audio via the Internet, and also via