TelCell Breakthrough event to become annual show for SXM’s youth

Positive public response to TelCell’s Breakthrough talent search last Saturday could result in the event being held each year as a major happening for the island’s youth  

Speaking after the staging of the "Breakthrough" finals at the Theatre Royale, Maho, last Saturday, TelEm Group’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) said all efforts will be made for TelEm Group to stage the Breakthrough event annually with the support of others if necessary to ensure continuity.

"We are greatly encouraged by the number of parents who come to us after the show and thanked us for putting on the event to showcase the wonderful talent that we have on our beautiful island," said Mr. Mingo.

He said he would even go further and call on other interested parties to join TelEm Group in the call for a purpose-built performing arts center that can stage local and international performances with an audience of several thousand persons.

"We are not alone in making such a call because many others have made similar calls in the past for a purpose build performing arts center on St. Maarten, but based on the response we had to the Breakthrough event, from all the families and fans and also from the performers themselves, it’s clear that we need such a facility urgently on St. Maarten," said Mr. Mingo.

He said a purpose-build performing arts center would not only provide a venue for top class acts and performances, but it can also serve as an important entertainment center for making content for television and live shows.

"I believe shows like TelCell’s Breakthrough talent search shows our youth that they can focus less on the passive entertainment they get from social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube and get back to the basics of creating their own entertainment and show channels by working with their peers and in their own environments," continued Mr. Mingo.

He said last Saturday’s show is just one example of how TelEm Group and mobile provider TelCell are making good on their corporate responsibility to be active participants in the community and especially in what the youth are doing in that community.

"We have exposed youth culture in a number of ways over the years and we will continue to do so with the active help of some committed staff members, various sponsors in the community and hosting partners such as Xtratight Entertainment Production, " said Mr. Mingo.

He said without these willing participants Saturday’s show would not have been the resounding success it was and no one would already be talking about making the show an annual event in the interest of youth culture on St. Maarten.

"TelEm Group and TelCell are very pleased to be giving back to the community in this way. Now it’s up to the youth themselves to pick up the ball and run with it with the support of our company and others who have their interest at heart," said the Chief Commercial Officer.

"We gave an unforgettable night of entertainment for an affordable price showcasing our own talents on stage, thank you for the support and making this the hottest ticket item for that weekend. Keep supporting TelCell and "we will do more!", " said Mr. Mingo.