Building expansion firehouse Rincon Started

On Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 fireman from Rincon, Gravey Anthonij , laid the foundation stone for the new fire station in Rincon. This was the go-ahead for the construction of the new garage. 

The fire brigade on Bonaire gets a new fire truck for the location Rincon. This one is bigger than the current truck and does not fit in the existing garage of the fire station. Similarly, the turning circle is larger than that of the current vehicle. The Ministry of Security and Justice ordered the Rijksgebouwendienst therefore to realize this expansion of the fire station in Rincon.

The new garage is built by Pourier Constructions NV Rincon. The project supervision is executed by Streefkerk architects + consultants. According to the schedule, the garage will be completed mid-December, because the new fire truck is expected in Rincon by then. "Everyone is very excited about the expansion and is confident that the project will be successfully completed," said Jan Janga, , local commander Bonaire.