Exciting final cooking competition at health market

On Sunday, September 29th the final of the cooking competition took place during the health market, which was organized in the context of the health month. Ten finalists were in the battle. The quality of the teams was so good, that eventually two first prize winners were awarded by the jury. 

The winners

1st prize: Team Sorpresa 2 en Sharlon & Sons

2nd prize: Entre Amigos

3rd prize: Rekresaroyo B

Creative prize: Kome Dushi Salu

All the winners won healthy prizes and beautiful trophies that were designed. especially for this occasion The awards were presented by Sybren van Dam, director of RCN. In his speech, he underlined the importance of healthy eating and healthy living, which is important for a healthy development of society. RCN believes it is important to cooperate with the public entities and organizations on the three islands when it comes to the welfare of the inhabitants.

Health Market

The final of the cooking competition took place during the health market. This was the closing activity of the health month, which was held during the month of September. The idea of ​​the healthy cooking competition originated at RCN/Communication, this fitted perfectly with the theme of health month: ‘obesity’.

The health fair was very successful, many visitors were attracted by the stands which all had to do with health and healthy living. The theme of the market was:

Bo salĂș den balansa:

"Uni forsa i konosementu, ban traha huntu pa un Boneiru salĂș"