1 month old baby dies

On Friday, September 27th at approximately 05.25 a.m. a Philipsburg Police Patrol was sent to Old man cactus drive in Sucker Garden to investigate a case involving a one month old infant that was not showing any signs of life. On the scene the investigating officers encountered the nineteen year old mother of the infant. They also saw the infant lying on a bed in the bedroom. The officer could not feel a pulse or notice any breathing from the infant. The paramedics who arrived on the scene tried to reanimate the victim without having any success. Dr. Mercuur arrived on the scene and pronounced the death of the victim. The body of the infant was confiscated for further investigation because the exact cause of death could not be determined on the scene. According the mother she had woken in order to feed and further take care of the child realizing the female infant was not breathing. Then is when she immediately informed the authorities. This case is under investigation by the Detective Department.