Monument Council on fact finding mission

The Monument Council since its first meeting in June, for the past months has been on a fact finding mission steadily gathering the necessary information and at the same time familiarizing themselves with the various laws and pending matters surrounding designated and non-designated monuments. 

By Ministerial decree and in compliance with Article 3 sub-section 1 of the Monument Ordinance (A.B. 2000, nr. 1), a seven (7) member Monument Council was appointed. This measure was unanimously approved by Parliament in March 2013.

The Council consists of the following members: Chair Leona Romeo Marlin, Vice Chair Jocelyn Arndell, Secretary Alfonso Blijden, Assistant Secretary, Patricia Arrindell, Members Danae Daal, Niek van der Ree and Marla Chemont.

The Council’s tasks is to: 1) provide advice to the Minister of Education, Culture Youth and Sports Affairs regarding aspects relating to the preservation and restoration of designated monuments; 2) disseminates information to the general public about our National Heritage; 3) execute the Monuments Ordinance of St. Maarten; 4) and review the current monument list and evaluate those monuments that require immediate attention.

In addition, the Monument Council has already taken steps to meet with local stakeholders and establish contact with regional Monument Councils and Heritage organizations.

The Council meets every second and fourth Thursday of every month, and urges the community to contact them with concerns of the discovery of old buildings or ruins, natural structures and identify activities of persons and/or groups that appear to demolish, destroy or alter designated or non-designated monuments.

The Monument Council can be reached by mail via the Ministry of Education, Culture Sports & Youth Affairs, and Department of Culture, C/O Monument Council N. Debrot street 2, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten or via cell +1721-5204511.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Members of the Monument Council.