TelEm Group pledges continued support to SXM’s youth sport programs

TelEm Group was amongst 22 companies and organizations praised for their support of an innovative sports program organized by the St Maarten Soccer Foundation. 

According to Foundation President, Mr. David Forsythe, the program consisted of a primary schools inter-schools soccer tournament with cash prizes awarded for the first time, to the winning schools for their own school soccer programs.

Speaking during a gala presentation event at the Belair Health and Fitness Center, Saturday, Mr. Forsythe praised the corporate sponsors who responded to his Foundation’s request to help with the cash awards – among them TelEm Group.

"The youth received trophies at the end of the tournament, but also important was the cash award given to the first ($1,000) second ($500) and third ($250) placed teams for their school programs," said the Foundation president. He said the funds could be used for anything that will further promote soccer in the schools, including purchase of uniforms, providing insurance for players and/or soccer equipment and training.

"Our board thought it would be a good idea to bring the sponsors and recipients together to encourage the corporate citizens who have been so generous to continue to do what they do and also to monitor how the funds they give are being used, to ensure they are being used in the most proper and effective way," continued Mr. Forsythe.

The gala event featured encouraging words to the youth, their parents and guardians as well as school officials, from Prime Minister, Mrs. Sarah Wescott-Williams and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Mrs. Patricia Lourens. Other featured speakers were Mr. Forsythe himself on behalf of the Foundation and Kevin Dekkers, a former youth player and soccer coach now with the Department of Education, on behalf of the youth.

TelEm Group was represented at the event by Manager, Marketing and Sales, Mr. Emile van der Weerd, who said afterwards, TelEm Group was happy to be counted amongst the St. Maarten companies and organizations recognized as being good corporate citizens.

"This year we have focused on the youth and various community programs to give something back to the St. Maarten community in which TelEm Group plays such as prominent part," said Mr. van der Weerd.

He thanked Mr. Forsythe and his foundation members for the gala event, which was specially arranged to bring all parties together.

"It was an especially nice touch to have cup cakes made out in the logo of the foundation and have all the youngsters present take one cupcake – symbolically taking a piece of the foundation with them," added Mr. van der Weerd.

He said TelEm Group would certainly take encouragement from the words of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Sports and the foundation president and will continue to support such innovative programs so long as funds are available.