President Arrindell meets with local entrepreneur Jordan Hunt about Entertainment Industry;

Presentation to MPs in the planning

President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell on Friday met with Managing Director and local entrepreneur Jordan Hunt of film and media production company, Eyelander Entertainment Network.


Hunt during his deliberation with the President of Parliament discussed the potential and opportunities for country Sint Maarten with respect to the film and entertainment industry.

Jordan Hunt would like to make a formal presentation to the House of Parliament in the setting of a Central Committee meeting.

Hunt went to school in New York and studied acting at the New York Film Academy, but later switched to film production. He also attended the Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute.

"I was very pleased with the meeting I had with Mr. Hunt. We must support young talent with a vision and who have shown initiative, enthusiasm and determination to be successful in their career choice.

"When we have young talent coming with fresh ideas on how to market Sint Maarten during the off season and by extension making Sint Maarten a ‘year round place to be’ we have to take notice," President Hon Gracita Arrindell disclosed on Sunday.

President Arrindell added that giving Hunt a platform to present his project to the House of Parliament is a natural thing to do to create awareness.

"We have to think outside of the box in order move our country forward. We have young educated people who are thinking outside of the box and we have to embrace them.

"Successful countries around the world are grabbing young innovative talent, and we cannot afford to lose our young brilliant professionals to these countries because it would mean a human resource loss for us.

"Jordan and the team of young people he represents with his organization, I am convinced will be successful with their endeavours in exposing local talent and film projects to an international market. This may be the impetus our country needs to create a positive buzz, Sint Maarten is IN again," President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell concluded.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Young local entrepreneur Jordan Hunt and President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell.