GEBE gives presentation to Corporate Governance Council about share transfer process

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake who met with the Corporate Governance Council (CGC) last week, was pleased that GEBE was able to organize a presentation for the CGC on Thursday about the share transfer process which is progressing very well.


The CGC was represented by Chairman Louis Duzanson, Agnes Gumbs and Maria Plantz.

Minister Lake’s cabinet had already provided extensive documentation about the GEBE share transfer to the CGC enabling the Council to be well informed with what had already taken place up to the presentation.

The CGC was full of praise for GEBE, Van Eps Kunneman and Van Doorn as well as the Minister’s Cabinet for the great work done so far, and have pledged their cooperation once they receive the official request for advice which is awaiting the approval of the Governor.

"In my back to basics approach, the Corporate Governance Council has a role to play in our young country. I took it upon myself to seek their input in this very important process. All key bodies will be informed.

"Once the national decree is signed off by the Governor, it will go to the CGC and thereafter to the Council of Ministers and then to Parliament. Every link along the good governance process is being included and followed, and the road to progress is being done in a transparent manner," Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Thursday.

The presentation was conducted by Sueena Francisco and Michiel Gorsira of Van Eps Kunneman and Van Doorn; Paul Marshall, the project Manager for the transfer; and Romelio Maduro of the Managing Board were also present together with Minister Lake and his Chief of Staff responsible for Energy Affairs Veronica Jansen-Webster.

PHOTO CUTLINE: Minister Maurice Lake