Youth Monitor Training and Youth Survey

The Youth Monitor Research training given by Mr. Runy Calmera of Calmera B.V, has been organized in a collaborative effort to increase the analytical and research skills of policy officers from various governmental departments.  

The first part of the one week training that started on the 22nd of April 2013 was attended by 15 policy officers, from the Ministries including the Ministry of Public health, Labour and Social development, Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports.
During this training the basic aspects of conducting research, analyzing and compiling information were presented.

After this training, the policy officers of the Department of Youth Affairs received a
bi-weekly follow-up training starting the 20th of June and concluded on the 30th of August.
The emphasis of the training was placed on the writing policy notes, technical aspects of conducting research, analyzing and compiling information regarding the development of young people on Sint Maarten. This training is very important giving the fact that statistical information is essential when developing policies.

The Youth Monitor presents a picture on how the population between 0 and 24 years is developing. Crucial information on the various areas such as health, education, labor, recreation, justice, family and social life will be compiled in a database that will be made accessible to the public. This tool can assist policymakers and other professionals to create and assess the effectiveness of policies and projects. The information of the Youth monitor will be compiled based on existing reports and research. The goal is to have the first official Youth Monitor published on the government website in 2015.
In the upcoming weeks, the department of Youth Affairs in collaboration with other ministries will be conducting a youth survey prior to the Youth Round Table Conference that will be held on the 26th and the 27th of September 2013. Secondary schools and unattached youth will be targeted to participate in this survey and the conference. The preliminary results will be presented and discussed at the Youth Round Table Conference. By conducting this survey youth will be given the opportunity to voice their views and opinions. This valuable information will be used by policymakers to review existing projects and programs and create new policies and legislations in the interest of our children and youth.