NIPA launches its new Logo and website information

The National Institute for Professional Advancement proudly announces its logo. The Board of the Institute worked with Trakx Design, Marketing and Advertising Agency created the design, which reflects the state of the art modern institute.


The NIPA palm, which coincides with the name of the Institute is the only palm of which the trunk grows beneath the ground and only the pinnate leaves and flower stalk are above the surface. Similar to the characteristics of the NIPA palm, the trunk below the surface symbolizes NIPA’s objective, which is securing a strong foundation through education in particular vocational and adult education/training, in collaboration with government, government departments, organizations, private sector. And its pinnate leaves are symbolic to reaching out towards the needs of the community of St. Maarten.

NIPA also has a temporary webpage up, where interested persons can find contact information. The website of the Institute is: and the general email address: in**@ni*****.com. In the upcoming months the website will be fully developed. Both the logo and website development are sponsored with Dutch Development Funds for Education (USONA) as part of the Advanced Vocational Education program under the Ministry of Education.