Committee for St. Martin Day March 2013

The committee for the St. Martin Day march, also called "The 10,000 Man March for St. Martin" for November 11, 2013, has been meeting on the theme details, invited speakers, the route, and other aspects of the march/rally, said committee member Shujah Reiph.


The committee is made up of persons from both sides of the island, including businessmen, labor and religious leaders, social workers, and community and cultural activists, said Reiph.

Reiph, one of the nation’s leading cultural activists, and a union leader in his own right, said that the committee has been meeting and discussing the serious issues and grievances for which the population of St. Martin is known to be very concerned and even vocal for some time. The committee in their discussion has also concluded that the march will pro-active, one with the initiative to bring about positive change for the St. Martin community.

"The march will be non-political or partisan and non-commercial. We are planning to start the march at the border point in Cole Bay/Belle View, 9 am, on St. Martin Day. The march will then rally at the Marigot Water Front," said Reiph.

"Various speakers will address the gathering of concerned people from all walks of life and from throughout our island," said Reiph.