West aims to sharpen Sagicor WIHPC players’ “long format” skills

CAVE HILL, Barbados – Graeme West said he will be looking to build on the strong work ethic the current squad have shown during the second term of the current Sagicor West Indies High Performance Centre for this year.


West said the players had returned to the base of the Sagicor WIHPC at the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies on Monday following a two-week break and he was looking to spend the next few weeks solidifying the players’ game awareness for the longer format.

"Essentially, we have from now until December to work with the players and my intention is to really develop their skills to play the longer version of the game really well during the first half of this term," he said.

"We are hoping to travel and play a few four-day matches within the Caribbean and in Barbados to give the players the opportunity to put their training experiences into practice."

West added: "The players have all benefitted from playing in the three-day club matches in Barbados and hopefully we will see during the term a continuation of what we have been doing in training.

"To be successful in all forms of the game, the players need to have all the basics covered and we have spent a lot of time looking at each of them and their basic skills."

West said he was impressed with the way the players worked during the first term and their eagerness to learn.

"The first term was very good and the key thing that impressed me was the work ethic," he said.

"There was a great desire from the players to do their work, to do extra work and to seek out all of the areas in which they could improve. It was quite refreshing to have a group of players so hungry to develop."

The Sagicor WIHPC was established three years ago to ensure that emerging players in the Caribbean meet the physical, mental and social demands placed on them playing the game professionally and internationally.