Twenty-One Graduate from SIFMA Caregivers Course

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams: "It is up to you now to shape the minds and characters of our youngest St. Maarteners"

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams over the weekend congratulated the twenty-one graduates of the SPW (SBO) Caregivers Course at the Sonesta Great Bay resort. The graduates are now certified to work as caregivers in Day Care institutions.


The Prime Minister commented that it is especially important for the graduates to realize the important role they play in shaping the minds of some of the youngest children of St. Maarten. "To the graduates I would like to say that working in Day Care Centers you have in your hands the most vulnerable groups of our children; the very young. And so today I look back with pride on the many strives that have made in this area in Day Care Institutions and the training that is provided to those who work in the field. You all deserve big congratulations in the commitment have been made and I am extremely proud of this graduation. You should feel proud of what you have accomplished; that you have joined the ranks of those persons that take care of the youngest St. Maarteners. It is up to you now to shape the minds and characters of our youngest St. Maarteners so that they can become productive citizens of this Country of ours our beloved St. Maarten," commented the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister continued by urging the newly certified caregivers to keep up to date and informed on matters where it comes to caregiving. "I urge you to keep yourselves informed because our children will continue to challenge us. We need to ensure that you can keep up with them and shape their young minds. I pray that God will continue to bless you work. The future of St. Maarten is better because of you and your work," emphasized the Prime Minister.

Photocaption: Prime Minister Wescot-Williams Addressing the graduates and friends and family members at the Graduation Ceremony Saturday evening