St. Martin Pony League’s final selection of players for the French Baseball tournament in Florida

Upon proposal of the St. Martin Pony League and in close consultation with the manager of the French senior baseball selection the following players have been selected to travel to Florida on October 2, 2013. Rene Leverette – Felix Brown – Felix Antonio – Brenedy Tejada – David van Heyningen – Jonathan Ministrie – Miguel Hanson.  

Already the Collectivite of St. Martin has promised that they will be assisting with the travel tickets to Florida. The St. Martin players are to be in Tampa, Florida for October 2, 2013 where they will join the other players from France. Traveling along with the St. Martin delegation will be Felix Brown who recently played with the Hawaii Stars in the Pacific Professional Baseball League Association. As FFBSC representative, a member of the Board of the St. Martin Pony League will also be traveling along as delegation leader.

On the picture: Felix Brown posing with former shortstop and hall of famer Ozzie Smith