St. Maarten Cable TV Gives Back To The Community

St. Maarten Cable TV provides free cable TV service annually to various local non-profit organizations as a way of saying thank you for their service to the


St. Maarten Cable TV has committed to providing free cable TV service to the Senior Citizen’s Recreational Foundation, The St. Maarten Home, The Ujima Foundation, the ICan Foundation and the Safe Haven. Representatives from each of these five foundations were recently presented with renewals for their annual complimentary cable TV service. On an annual basis a selection of non-profit organizations and schools are granted complementary service. These five foundations have been selected this year for special recognition.

Managing Director, Beulah Jonis stated, "It is always a pleasure to give back to organizations whose sole purpose is to provide the care and service for the betterment of the community.

We take pride in donating our services for over ten years in some cases. It is great pleasure for St. Maarten Cable TV to be the source of entertainment at these establishments for the staff, volunteers and members".

Jonis concluded, "Once again, St. Maarten Cable TV says thank you for all that you do".

Kindly see attached photographs taken during the presentations. (From left to right: Representatives from Senior Citizen’s Recreation Center, St. Maarten Home, St. Maarten Cable TV Managing Director, I Can Foundation and Safe Haven.