Minister Lourens-Philip welcomes UN General Assembly proclamation for an International Day of Sport

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly last week Friday proclaimed 6 April as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. The decision has been hailed as a historic step in recognizing the power of sport to erase cultural barriers and mobilize people around the world. 

Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Hon. Patricia Lourens-Philip, who is the chairperson for UNESCO National Commission is very pleased with the proclamation as sports is an area that brings people together.

Sport is seen as a formidable development tool. It builds self-confidence; it defies gender stereotypes; it provides an alternative to conflict and delinquency; it improves health; it can bring hope and a sense of purpose to refugees, impoverished communities and other people in need.

Sport has also been described as the embodiment of humanity’s most valiant characteristics and it requires perseverance and discipline, engendering the principles of personal integrity, fair-play, and honorable competition, inspiring people to push themselves beyond limits.

Sports should always be used as a vehicle for the application and promulgation of peace, fairness and excelling, Minister of Sports Hon. Patricia Lourens-Philip said on Tuesday.