Pumps Being Placed, Fountains Being Replaced and Mangroves being planted in Fresh/ Salt Ponds

in Effort to Increase Oxygen to Prevent Fish Kills

Over the last few weeks the St. Maarten Nature Foundation with the assistance and support of the VROMI Ministry and the Section ROB have been busy implementing various measures in order to curb the amount and frequency of fish kills in the Great Salt Pond and Fresh Pond.


Caption: Chief Nature Foundation Ranger Etienne Lake Retrieving the Fountain in the Fresh Pond

The fountains which have been placed several years ago in order to aerate the pond are being repaired and additional fountains and pumps are being placed at additional locations to ensure better oxygen levels. Additional Mangroves will also be planted in order to ensure that as much oxygen as possible is being provided to the area during times of extreme heat and low rainfall.

Fish kills occur when there is a drop in oxygen levels in the ponds resulting in a large amount of fish not being able to pump oxygenated water through their gills resulting in them dying off. Over the past few months the island has witnessed three large fish die offs and with the additional measures it is hoped that that volume will be reduced.

In order to properly maintain and place in the pumps and fountains some mangroves will have to be removed which will be replanted as soon as the works have been completed. Additional mangroves will also be planted to ensure that the water will be more optimally oxygenated.