Ministry’s Staff Joins Minister Lourens in Painting Oranje School

On Saturday 24th of August, Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs the Honorable Patricia D. Lourens – Philip, Department head of the department of Culture and Division head of Public Education and the School Manager of Oranje School were all joined by about 15 volunteers from within the Ministry ( SSSD, Inspection , Cabinet of the Minister , Cabinet of the Secretary general, teachers of Oranje school) and a few parents to assist in painting the Oranje School. 

The Ministry along with the ministry of VROMI had attempted to have to school painting during the summer repairs program but fell short on time and human resources to get all the much needed painting done before school started.  "School has been open for weeks and during my visit there last week, I really felt something needed to be done and we cannot continue to wait on money to appear to get it done, its time we take it in our own hands, set an example and get the job done" said Minister Lourens.

On Wednesday, the Honorable Minister sent out an email to her department and division heads encouraging them to volunteer some time on Saturday or Sunday to paint as the situation there needed urgent attention. Despite the short notice, a well-spirited group of workers including management worked at scraping off old paint and applying new coats of paint to the interior of classrooms on both Saturday and Sunday.

Minister Lourens would like to thank all the volunteers who showed up last week and helped to complete 3 classrooms. She would also like to encourage all staff members in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs, the parents of the students attending Oranje School and any foundation or group that would like to help to come down to the Oranje School this Saturday at 8am and lend a helping hand for a good cause.