DFSM receives assistance from the CONCACAF Marketing Development Program for Member Associations

The new member of CONCACAF, District de Football de Saint Martin (DFSM) has officially requested assistance from CONCACAF to reorganize their marketing and communications department as they are looking to attract new partners that would support the football activities in Saint Martin.


A four days working visit, culminated with the official meeting that took place Saturday night at the Beach Plaza Hotel, in Marigot, in the presence of DFSM President, Fabrice Baly, member of the DFSM Executive Committee, Stephen Tackling, General Secretary, Mr.Alain Gros-Desormeaux, Commissioner of Sports and Youth Affairs, Jean-Raymond Benjamin, from Saint Martin Chamber of Economic and Social Affairs; Alberic Ellis, General Director of French Port Authorities; Business entrepreneurs with the Saint Martin Chamber of Commerce and Industry and representatives of the local clubs, Messieurs:

Jean Arnel and Hervé Dorvil, Denis Glisa-Vanterpool, Radio Personality; Urcil Daniel aka "Basha" from Sport Action Live SOS Radio: Charles-Henri Palvaire, Development Officer, Sports and Youth Affairs of the Collectivité; Aristide Conner, Saint Louis Stars; Martine Beldor, Collaborator; Dr. Julian Stanculescu, Head of CONCACAF Marketing Development Program for Member Associations and Carlos Mauricio Olea, Marketing Consultant.

In a joint effort, the meeting discussed the optimization of the marketing & communication strategies, laying the groundwork for DFSM’s, as well as, the Premier Division’s future commercial development and success as well as assisting the DFSM and its endeavors in achieving short, medium and long-term marketing and communication goals.

"We firmly believe that the success of the DFSM will be built upon a solid Marketing and Communications department. Marketing the DFSM and the Premier League, as well as communicating regularly to our football community, will help create new partnerships" said Mr. Fabrice Baly, President of DFSM.

He continued saying: "We are very trilled and honored to be part of a Marketing Development initiative started by our CONCACAF President Mr. Jeffrey Webb, which can help build a better future for our football and our talents while establishing a solid financial basis that is meant to empower our organization. This effort will enhance the DFSM’s opportunity to contribute to our society by helping our talented youngsters to have a better social and economic future through football. We are pleased that CONCACAF has a good understanding of our challenges and is determined to support our initiatives. This is an extraordinary moment in the history of our organization."

"In our commitment to provide inspiration to our youth, we are working hard to establish a positive environment here in our football community. Today we are pleased to see that the CONCACAF Marketing Development Program can support our football goals" said DFSM General Secretary Mr. Stephen Tackling.

Commissioner of Sports and Youth Affairs Mr. Alain Gros-Desormeaux went on saying:

"I am very pleased for what I have seen this evening, In my two years in office, this is the first sport organization that put forth an ambitious, clear, detailed and professional presentation. The government will fully support the DFSM development initiatives."

"I believe the Business Community and the Chamber of Commerce should get involved and embrace this brilliant project. This a perfect platform to be supported through corporate responsibility. I applaud the initiative and commended the work and leadership demonstrated by DFSM", said Jean Arnel, member of Saint Martin Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

CONCACAF is committed with all Member Associations to raise the level of marketing & communication plans throughout the entire region. CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb has made a priority to strengthen and solidify the financial base of all member association to help football gain a solid position in the marketplace. This initiative will not only help strengthen each participating Member Association, but will also collectively empower the overall Confederation development. By this, the entire CONCACAF Region, should begin to realize new commercial partners, grow in participating numbers and help establish new opportunities within the football community, locally, regionally and internationally.