BTA Cat. 1 Saturdays Meets Objective

The Immigration and Border Protection Service (IBP) is calling the ‘BTA Cat 1 Saturdays’ a success after finalizing the last open house on August 17 2013.

Beginning on Saturday July 20 2013, the doors at the IBP’s Admittance and Residency Office on the A.Th. Illidge Road were open to a high volume of residents visiting the office to exchange their Category 1 permits for regular residency permits as a part of the final closure of the BTA system. Although the project was met with some apprehension due to the long lines that were created; the IBP provided intake service as efficiently as possible.

This month long initiative has assisted the majority of Cat. 1 permit holders; the largest group of the BTA system. This signifies that the project met its objectives.

For the few persons who did not manage to visit the office, the IBP is offering them the opportunity to submit during the regular opening hours at A.Th. Illidge Road. This can be done however until November 2 2013; before the permit expires.

The IBP is working diligently to improve its services and provide a smoother process for the residents of St. Maarten