A “New” Zoo for You

The St. Maarten Zoo has been in existence for over 20 years and yet there are still people who have never been to the Zoo. In recent years, with financial difficulties, the Zoo has been unable to make the improvements we wanted. Sadly the Zoo has fallen on hard times as have many things on St. Maarten.


The Board of the St. Maarten Zoo still feels strongly that the Zoo is an important recreational and educational facility for the island. We realize we have to work harder to make it better.

We have a Board now with new dedicated members and we will soon be taking over the actual running of the Zoo ourselves. The management company we had an agreement with basically made lots of promises but followed through with nothing.

Our government stipend dried up and the Zoo has been running on gate proceeds and small donations only.

This keeps the Zoo alive but does not make the necessary improvements to make it a better zoo.

We want to make a "new" Zoo for you. We want to the Zoo to be a fun attractive pleasant place to visit. To do this we need new partners from the community to help us.

In the past we have always had support from the community, particularly the business community.

We are asking for that support again.

Help us make a "new" Zoo for you and help us get the Zoo to where it needs to be.

To that end, The Board of the St. Maarten Zoo has invited several people to a partnership meeting. At this meeting we will take a tour of the Zoo and present our ideas for what needs to be done to improve the Zoo.

The invitation to this meeting can be found online at

The meeting will be held at the Zoo this Saturday August 31 at 11: OO AM.

If you think you can help us in any way, please attend this meeting and help us make a "new" Zoo for you.

For further information you can email the zoo at sx****@gm***.com or contact Amy Arrindell at 522 1449