SXM Airport Annual Business Basketball Knockout Competition Heats Up

With an average of four games per night, the SXM Airport’s Annual Business Basketball knockout competition enters its crucial stage this weekend.


Four games are planned for Friday, with another five for Saturday as the competition heats up, confirmed Evans Marsham, of the Princess Juliana International Airport Sporting Club, organizers of the tournament.

"So far, the games are going very well," Marsham said. "They are very well played and there is a lot of excitement at what will happen in the next few days."

The games started on August 19 and will close on August 27 when two games will be played to determine the third and fourth placed teams as well as the first and second. The first three teams will each receive a trophy. Twelve teams are participating in the games, divided into two pools of six teams each.

B & C Beverages and Menzies currently share top honors with two wins and no loss each, while defending champions Nagico Insurances, and SXM Airport each have one win and one loss. Of course, all of this could change by Tuesday, Marsham agreed.

He said the games were conceived as a means of "bridging the gap between companies on the island."

Marsham urged the general public, particularly employees of the participating companies, to attend the games, which are being played at the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium each night at 7:30 PM, to cheer on their teams.