St. Maarten Cable TV’s Position In Case With SMCU

The management of St. Maarten Cable TV recently addressed the lack of clarity in the case between St. Maarten Cable TV and the St Maarten Communication Union (SMCU). Contrary to what has been reported, the court’s decision of August 16th, 2013 takes effect one week after the verdict is served and not a week after the date it was published.


In the past, St. Maarten Cable TV has negotiated in good faith with the former Union representative, Windward Islands Federation of Labour (WIFOL), and it will continue to do so with SMCU despite the unresolved issue regarding the legality of the referendum result conducted in April 2013. St. Maarten Cable TV has to make sure that all parts of the verdict are in line with the laws. We will handle accordingly, any matter that will not affect the negotiations. Accordingly, St. Maarten Cable TV is in the process of replying to a request SMCU sent recently related to the negotiating of the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) for the nonmanagement


Managing Director Beulah Jonis stated, "We have a team that is part of the negotiation process of which we need to coordinate efforts. Although this process is costly and time consuming, it is a priority and St. Maarten Cable TV will be accommodating with reasonable advance notice for meeting dates".

Jonis continued, "Under no circumstances will St. Maarten Cable TV be intimidated by SMCU in their approach or mannerism of handling requests for meetings or information. Negotiating in good faith requires clarity on ground rules which St. Maarten Cable TV hopes to have established before the next meeting with SMCU".