Green Diamonds completes works in neighborhood and surrounding areas


Green Diamonds ‘landscaping and construction managing director Troy Dormoy confirmed that works has been completed with the trench works in Belvedere, Oyster Pond, Dutch Quarter & Middle Region.

Dormoy said his crew consisting of 15 employees worked vigorously day and night to complete the works. I would like to thank the ministry of VROMI namely honorable minister Lake for awarding us the contract to clean our district and surrounding area. This gave us a opportunity to employ youngsters in the neighborhood who had nothing to do.

Certain areas had sludge and mud up to 3 feet deep that had to be excavated out. We were all overwhelmed when we watched the before and after photos. We would also like to recognize the employees for the hard work they put in to have the works finished.

We are looking forward to a continued relationship ahead whereby we would be granted the chance to carry out such works on a periodic basis. Residents of Belvedere praised us after completing the works, while some even said" the trenches seems as if you can eat from them now" but most important was to eliminate the breeding ground of insects.

While working in Dutch Quarter and Middle Region, we incorporated youngsters from those districts as well to facilitate with the cleaning works.

As youngsters and entrepreneurs, we will continue to focus and pursue our targets as a upcoming company.