Minister Lake looking into issues at Kadaster;

To share action plan with Kadaster Management this week

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake has already met with employees, board and management of Kadaster as well as the Ombudsman regarding operational matters and issues of concern.


Minister Lake said on Sunday that he will be following up with the management of Kadaster regarding the issues during the course of the week where he will be presenting an action plan and the way forward together in the interests of all.

"The Kadaster is an entity that is part and parcel of the governing process of Country Sint Maarten. It is an institution that registers the ownership of properties, transfers etc, and a key body where it concerns the lands of the country be it private or public. At the same time this entity provides services to the public and various other institutions and therefore its integrity and operation must be of the highest standards.

"As Minister responsible for the Kadaster, I would like to see Management up-hold its motto as one team with their employees and working in the best interests of serving our community. I listened to all parties in separate meetings that were organized, and now we need to move forward with an action plan for improved services to the community and taking care of the employees.

"Training and upgrading of staff as well as the promotion of young people to take up positions needs to be outlined in a human resource development plan. While employees are being trained and upgraded they should retain their existing salaries and benefits and not face any cutbacks.

"Employees are an asset and need to be kept motivated in order for the organization that they work for to be a success for all. It’s all about getting back to basics within organizations, foundations, businesses and government, it’s all about putting people first," Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Sunday.

Minister Lake added that oversight is needed into the functioning and operations of government-owned entities and companies or those that are associated in some form or manner in serving the public good on behalf of government.

"Government-owned companies, foundations and other entities are not governments upon themselves and must bear this in mind and will be held accountable for their actions.

"As Minister responsible for any of the institutions that supports and carry’s out the services on behalf of Government as shareholder, I have to be appraised of what they are doing in order for us to have a transparent process," Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Sunday.