Minister Lake to work diligently on addressing the concerns of the Cay Bay Community Council

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake listened attentively to the concerns of the Cay Bay Community Council and will work diligently on addressing the issues identified. 

Some of the issues and concerns brought forward was the running of sewage water in the Cay Bay area; placement of a welcome sign identifying the Cay Bay village at the entrance to the village; upgrading of the cemetery; removal of the silt and fixing the gate to the cemetery; the well; unpaved secondary roads and repairs to others; criminal activity; constant noise and burning of heavy fuel by GEBE; additional information about light and heavy industrial area; and no more mushrooming of shantytowns.

"The issues brought forward are very pertinent to the quality of life of our people living in the Cay Bay area. These issues will be addressed accordingly and where possible. What I am looking at is the introduction of a district maintenance plan as well.

"Some of the issues require a back to basics approach and can be simply resolved. My Cabinet will be drafting a plan of action and will highlight the points where immediate action can be taken and those that require further exploration with other stakeholders will be followed up simultaneously.

"Where necessary we must continue to improve the lives and welfare of our people. Issues of concern that can be addressed without any major structural effort should be addressed.

"People want a responsive Government where action is taken as soon as possible and as Minister responsible for the Ministry of VROMI, that style and approach of back to basics will be and is at the forefront.

"I will set up in a structural manner meetings with the various Community Councils on a monthly basis in order to keep on top of issues of concern to the aforementioned. All stakeholders have a role to play on our communities, government, community councils and the corporate sector especially if we want resilient and vibrant neighbourhoods," Minister Maurice Lake said on Thursday.

The meeting took place in the Claude Wathey Legislative Hall at the Government Administration Building.

PHOTO CUTLINE: L to R, Members of the Cay Bay Community Council and Minister Maurice Lake and members of his Cabinet (on the right). DCOMM Photo