Minister Lake to meet with Cay Bay Residents;

Lake to implement district maintenance and improvement plan

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake said he is addressing the issues of the community that were brought forward in last week Thursdays Zoning/Development Plan Town Hall Meeting.


Minister Lake will be meeting with the Cay Bay Community Council on Thursday to discuss additional issues and concerns within the district.

The Minister has already visited the Cay Bay area where he carried out an onsite visit to the Cemetery, and did a walk-through the neighborhood to get a first-hand look of the situation.

A trench to divert rainwater is currently obstructing the full use of the cemetery in Cay Bay. A more permanent solution is being sought to ensure that the cemetery can be fully utilized. Parking is another issue to be looked into and Minister Lake will be discussing this further with the Community Council.

One of the points brought forward is the three lane road near Tropicana Casino in Cole Bay. Residents would like it brought back to the original two lanes. Windward Roads Infrastructure has already drafted a plan to re-paint the lanes and this will start on Thursday.

"It’s the simple things that impact our people in their daily lives that need to be addressed. Making changes and adjustments makes a big difference in our community.

"Sometimes we make the simple things the most complicated things to get done in our community. I have listened to the residents very keenly at the zoning town hall meeting, and I tried my best to address the little things that make a big difference in their community," Minister Maurice Lake said on Wednesday.

Minister Lake added that working with the different Community Councils is an asset in addressing the little things that makes an impact on the lives of residents.

The Minister said it is his intention to meet with other Community Councils to hear about their concerns and issues, and plans to structure this as a monthly consultation.

"I realized when we have zoning plan meetings; residents bring forth maintenance issues within their district which I want to address in separate meetings with the different community councils.

"I want to implement a district maintenance and improvement plan in every district to address the little things. It’s all about going back to basics by working with the people in improving the quality of life for all," Minister Maurice Lake concluded on Wednesday.