RCN and Saba Public Entity friendly volleyball games

This coming weekend August 16th – 18th , Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN) will host a series of friendly volleyball games together with the Public Entity of Saba. The games are being held to foster the spirit of cooperation among civil servants working for both levels of government in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Two other teams will join the friendly tournament which takes place nightly starting Friday at 7.00 PM at the Peter L. Granger Auditorium in St. Johns.

The island is abuzz as residents learn that some members of the Executive and Island Councils will also form part of the Saba Island Government Smashers team. The RCN team is named RCN Strikers. The two remaining teams will represent the Saba Comprehensive School and Saba All Stars, comprising some of the island’s volleyball veterans.

The RCN has held similar friendly beach volleyball games among its departments on Bonaire early in June. On Saba and St. Eustatius it was decided to host these games indoors. RCN and St. Eustatius Public Entity workers will compete against each other with two teams each on August 29th and 31st . These games will take place at the Earl Merkman Sports Auditorium at The Cottage Ballpark.