Ministry VROMI dealing with fish die-off; Water being pumped into Salt Pond

Water quality tests carried out by Nature Foundation in the Great Salt Pond in order to determine levels of pollution associated with the fish die-off which was experienced from August 7 to 12, has revealed varying levels of pollution. The majority of fish in the die off were of the genus Tilapia. 

Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake announced on Tuesday that the Ministry is working closely in a constructive manner with the Nature Foundation to remedy the situation.

Minister Lake said on Tuesday evening the pumps will be used to pump more water into the ponds in order to create a more satisfactory environment for the fish; secondly, the repair/replacement of the water filter pumps in the Fresh Pond will be looked into and action taken on whatever steps have to be taken to get the two pumps working again to assist with water circulation.

The fish die-off is a result of poor water circulation and a drop in dissolved oxygen levels in the ponds.

The Nature Foundation has relocated approximately 300 tilapia from the Great Salt Pond into the Fresh Pond where oxygen levels are greater.

Nature Foundation and Ministry VROMI would like to inform the public who reside near the ponds to prepare to deal with an unpleasant smell in the Great Bay area. Although the fish are being cleaned there is a risk of a bad smell and also an increase in flies.

Ministry VROMI and the Nature Foundation will work closely together in managing the water levels and monitoring changes in meteorological conditions in order to avoid further fish die-offs.