TelCell says new $10 Top-up promotion best deal yet for budget-conscious mobile customers

TelEm Group mobile provider, TelCell, is launching a new $10 Top-up promotion islandwide, saying it’s the company’s best deal yet for cash-conscious mobile customers. 

From today (Friday) TelCell customers can Top-up their mobile phones with the new $10 package and get credit to the value of $13 for voice and/or text messages.

Manager, Marketing & Sales Mr. Emile van Der Weerd says the new promotion is a direct response by TelCell to customer requests for a cheaper Top-up package.

He said customers have been asking for a new package that is as attractive as a similar promotion launched earlier in the year where customers received $30 of call credit for any $20 Top-up purchased.

"We heard the most recent calls of many of our pre-paid customers who wanted another package that could fit a tighter budget. We discussed it internally and also with our vendors, and we came up with a very attractive package that everyone can afford," said Mr. van der Weerd.

He said the 30% extra value TelCell’s mobile subscribers will receive from the package is a hefty saving and can be seen as a form of relief to customers from their favorite mobile service provider.

The extra $3 call credit can be used to call any TelCell or TelEm phone or to send SMS messages. The extra amount will also be applied for any Top-up purchase from $10 to $19.99.

"We continue to live by our slogan "When you want more" and the new package is yet another demonstration of how we care about and listen to our customers needs and wants," continued the Manager, Marketing & Sales.