BTA Saturday Extended to One Week

Since Saturday 20th July 2013 the immigration staff at A.Th. Illidge road has assisted a high volume of residents visiting the office to exchange their Category 1 permits for regular residency permits as a part of the final closure of the BTA system.


In order to facilitate a smoother closure of the BTA system the IBP will extend ‘BTA Saturdays’ with an additional day; Saturday 17 August, 2013.

The project so far has yielded good results including the implementation of a pilot program giving the Immigration staffers read-only access to the Civil Registry’s database in order to curb traffic to the Census Office.

The ‘BTA Saturdays’ project will have its final day on Saturday 17th August 2013. The IBP urges all those permit holders who still have not visited the office to do so on the next two upcoming Saturdays.