Suspect in shooting incident arrested by police

On Tuesday August 6th at approximately 12.00 p.m. the Simpson bay Police patrol informed the Central Police Dispatch and the other police patrols that they were in pursuit of a man riding on a black scooter at very high speed in the direction of Philipsburg. 

The man in question had just ill-treated a female in the Simpson Bay area and that there was also a warrant out for his arrest in connection with the ill-treatment with a weapon of the same female. The female in question was shot by the suspect on July 6th 2013 at an address in Sint Peters. After the shooting he fled the scene and has been on the run and in hiding ever since. The suspect was located on the Link-one road by a Philipsburg patrol and when the patrol, on several occasion tried to stop the suspect he refused to do so and continued at high speed with his scooter through the neighborhood. The pursuing officers fired two warning shots to force the fleeing suspect to stop however he refused. Due to his wreck less riding the suspect at one this point lost control of the scooter and fell to the ground. He did not stop and continued fleeing on foot. He then ran through bushes into the Belair Pond. The pond was surrounded by police officers and when the suspect noticed that there was no way out he gave himself up. The suspect with initials R.C.D. from Sint Maarten (22) was arrested on the spot and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where he is held for questioning.